Grass-roots community organizing

Demonstrate knowledge of Chapters 10-12 by completing Part IV Discussion (Review Questions).

Review Questions: Chapter 10 (3, 9); Chapter 11 (1, 5); Chapter 12 (3, 4)

Module discussions are graded discussions. Your posts must be professional, well organized, grammatically correct, and free of misspellings. Additionally, any content quoted, paraphrased, or gleaned from references must be properly cited (see APA & Plagiarism Resources). Please type out each question and then respond. Responses to each question must be at least 100 words in length. Remember, internal citations as needed with regular reference section.

Chapter 10

3. Identify and describe the six key elements which comprise the Diffusion of Innovations.

9. Contemplate three of your health behaviors (physical activity, diet, sleeping habits, safety belt use, etc.) and identify which innovation characteristic persuaded you the most to adopt the health behavior.

Chapter 11

1. Define and explain the concept of community.

5. Explain the differences between top-down and grass-roots community organizing.

Chapter 12

3. Compare and contrast the differences between social marketing and commercial marketing.

4. Describe the 4 Ps of social marketing. Provide an example related to health promotion for each.