Note: In order to write this reading response you will need to have read the assigned BOOKs.

you can search for summary of the readings but DO NOT INCLUDE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES AND YOU HAVE TO WRITE IT IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Just cite the books I have provided you.



Most of the readings from the second half of the course, including those by Anne Becker, Emily Martin, Susan Greenhalgh, and Seth Holmes, deal at some level with how people’s bodies, and their attitudes towards the body, are shaped by the society in which they live. Each of these authors makes it clear that the body serves as a point of intersection between the individual and the wider society, and bears the imprint of that society. Drawing on Holmes’ book and on two of the other three authors’ work, discuss how cultural values or social conditions shape or affect the body, or people’s ideas about the body. This can include literal, physical effects on the body- -e.g., effects on things like body shape, health, or suffering–or more symbolic/social ideas, such as attitudes towards how the body should function, what it represents, or how it is valued relative to other kinds of bodies. There should be at least two concrete examples from each reading of how the body is affected or understood in that social context. If you can draw any connections between the readings or raise original points, this may help your grade. You do not need a list of works cited but you should cite page numbers within the text where relevant.

The expected length is 5-7 pages (double- spaced, 12-point font). Please do not exceed seven pages.