Guy Kawasaki

Posted on: Tuesday, June 22, 2021 11:12:51 AM EDT

Please view this classic video by Guy Kawasaki. (Otherwise known as a very wealthy cranky man with a chronic ear ringing condition.)

Also, please be aware that a power point presentation is a presentation just as
much as stand up comedy, a violin recital, a political speech, etc, and the
most important rule is: keep your audience focused on you. If you lose your audience
you lose the game. This is why your activity is called a presentation.

The key rule for power point presentations is: never use complete sentences. If you do,
then your audience will read them and ignore you.

Whenever I see wordy “blackhole” viewgraphs I knock off 10 percentage points, just to remind you that you have a bit more work to do. You can redo your slides and submit for full credit.


John Zavgren