Headshot Photo

Create a PowerPoint Presentation using the below information.  The PowerPoint presentation will be visible to other students. In the PowerPoint presentation, please include the following slides:

Slide 1: Name, Headshot Photo (e.g. photo you would use on a professional networking site such as LinkedIn) (optional) & Favorite Quote

Slide 2: Your motivation (this can be a picture or description of someone or something that motivates you to achieve your goals (e.g. relative, inspiring figure)

Slide 3: Top 3 Work Values (three work values that you personally possess)

Slide 4: Ideal Job Description 5 years from now

·        Include the following:

o   Job Title

o   Company (Optional)

o   Location

o   Salary Range

o   Working Hours

Slide 5: # Two obstacles that may interfere with you reaching your career goals and how are you going to address them.


Obstacle 1: Working full-time while trying to complete my degree program

I will register for evening or online classes when available.

Obstacle 2:   Finances to pay for graduate school.

I plan to work for a company offering educational funding assistance for employees.

Slide 7: Create a Timeline of how you are going to achieve your career goals

E.g. below