HOW it is being presented


Choose a music video and analyze the message being presented and HOW it is being presented. This allows you to analyze both the visual and the textual (lyrics or words) with regard to the presentation. If you choose to do a music video, you could also analyze the instrumentation/beat, but this is not required. Remember to link the video (might I suggest something on YouTube) and try not to choose anything too objectionable with regard to content (don’t choose to analyze Nikki Minaj’s “Anaconda” for example, even though the song is both important and empowering for women – we will talk about it briefly during the live classroom this week).

Analysis should be 100-150 words in length (not including link to video). Let us know what message (argument) the performer is presenting and then HOW they make that argument (pathos, ethos, logos, color, foreground/background, images, etc.).


Find an example of a piece of visual rhetoric. Include the image in the discussion board post or give us a link to the image online and present a short analysis that tells us both what the image’s argument is (what is the purpose) and how it makes that argument (color, design, negative space, et al.). This should not be a long, protracted analysis, but a short piece of about 100-150 words in length.


Find a short example of written rhetoric (around 100-300 words) and provide us a link to the text. Your response to the text should look at how the author uses logos, ethos, pathos, and tone in order to make their argument. Remember to tell us what the argument is and then tell us how they make that argument. this should be a short piece of about 100-150 words (not including the link to the external text).