Huff Hurricane Data

 Eight Week Session- Chapter 3- The Little Figures That Are Not There Chapter 3 Huff Hurricane Data(1)-2 (2).xlsx download

In this assignment you will:

1. Determine the mean, mode, median and range for the 16 decades of hurricanes data. Consider this the known population. Compare your sample mean selected in last week’s assignment to the population mean (16 decades). How does it compare? Is your sample mean representative of the population mean? Now think about the process of random sampling and the normal distribution when answering the assignment questions.

2. Answer the following questions.

a. Statistical analysis of the 16 decades of hurricane data reveals a 95% Confidence Interval of +/-1.10652102. Add and subtract this number from the population mean to determine the 95% CI value, which is the value 2 standard deviation’s above and below the mean.

b. Suppose 10 hurricanes were to occur. Based on the 95% CI, what is the probability of such an occurrence? Think Normal Distribution.

c. Based on statistical theory of the normal distribution, what conclusion can you draw?