Human blood types

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You probably know about human blood types (A, B, O, and AB) and transfusions: donors and recipients for transfusions must match if the procedure will succeed. The same idea applies to all sort of transplant procedures including bone marrow. People of mixed-race ancestry often have a hard time finding compatible donors. This situation raises interesting issues relating to our main topic!

The first three links below describe a project called Mixed Marrow. Read them to discover what the project does and why this work is useful. Think back to the Bamshad and Olson’s article “Does Race Exist” – how does this situation described in the Mixed Marrow links fit with the conclusions of the article? We will return to the these broader questions soon. You may find these links useful in the discussion about the meaning of race this week.

The fourth link (background information …) is optional. Look at it for details about what blood and tissue typing mean and why they are important steps in any organ transplant.…