Intimate Partner Violence

Experiences of intimate partner and neighborhood violence and their association with the mental health in pregnant women.

When a woman becomes pregnant their body and hormones are going through many changes. The article Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Neighborhood Violence and Their Association With Mental Health in Pregnant Women was a study that was conducted on 398 pregnant women that were asked questions about if their intimate partner was physically, emotionally, or verbally abusive to them during their pregnancy and the potential to be more or less at risk for depression, PTSD, or end up having various mental health issues. The research also studied pregnant women where the violence that occurs within the neighbors. In both of these studies, it was found that if they are exposed to violence they will more than likely have mental conditions and may result in physical injury. IPV indicated that it leads to depression and increased risks of complications associated with giving birth.  Some examples of IPV are emotional violence where the partner would say very mean and degrading things to the women, physical violence where the partner would put their hands on the woman to cause bodily harm and sexual violence where the partner would forcefully engage in sex with the woman. However, neighborhood violence also indicated it is a threat to mental health (Barcelona de Mendoza, Harville, Savage & Giarratano, 2018).