Labor Day

Watch two videos and write a 350 words review for each. Please watch the video and the article before you finish this work.

Video 1:


This is a classroom presentation about special events, specifically The Gulf Coast Jam. This is held Labor Day weekend in Panama City Beach, FL at Frank Brown Park. This was filmed just after the 5th year of the event. In 2016, the 4th annual Gulf Coast Jam was canceled due to a hurricane. Our guest speaker is the festival director, Joe Gomez. In the beginning, I am trying to get adjusted, so bare with me the shakiness gets better. He spoke for about an hour, so I have edited and combined some of his comments with his power point slides. I purposefully put this one together with information about the event itself, its history, and then sponsorship roles of the event. He will visit us again in another segment to discuss the details of the sponsorship procedures his company utilizes.

WRITING & REFLECTION TIPS: As you listen to Joe’s speech, please share with us what surprising you and what may stand out to you the most. Tie in any of the information you may hear with your readings. Concerts and sporting events are very similar in promotion and production, so where your readings may not specify concerts, try to think outside of the box. Also, hear the partnership with the Tourist Development Council in order to promote tourism…which ties in with the hotel/hospitality industry.

Video 2:

WRITING TIPS: Be sure to reflect on your level of understanding and key points for this video. Let us know what stands out to you and what you may have further questions on for events of this magnitude.

Thank you.