Leadship positions

I think gender issues, race issues, etc. could be interwoven into favoritism and women in leadship positions. There are certainly lots of studies out there on leadership that focus on gender differences and/or women specifically. With that in mind, here are a few questions to consider:1. With both topics, who would you survey and how will you gain access to a potential sample population. Do you have a network you can use or something else? I would survey anyone that has had a male or female supervisor to see what the differences were between the two.  **Please add something if you can**2. Would you focus on a specific geographical location and/or industry? Again everyone has worked for both a male or female supervisor, I would be open to survey anyone.

**Please add something if you can**3. If you were to combine these two topics, what are some ways you might accomplish this?4. Which topic or topics interests you more? Which topic will keep your interest throughout the full project? I’m curious to find out if women need more training or a different type of training than men. My goal is to get women in leadership positions to see how they maybe treating some of their female employees differently than the male employees. My question is do high level female leaders leave their pettiness at the door or do they bring it in to work with them? I know men can be petty, but my focus would be more on the women in hopes to improve female working relationships and keeping things professional at all times.l would think I would need to survey both men and women to prove my theory.

Internet references only for verification.