Legally required benefits

I need a response on the below:

Legally required benefits are benefits mandated by law for employers to provide to basic welfare and security employees, this includes Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Compensation, Family and medical leave (FMLA), and disability insurance (Armstrong et al., 2019). These benefits cannot be waived as it will cause a huge financial strain on the American population and the government. For instance, these benefits were put into place by law to lessen financial burdens following loss of job or disability and provide coverage in the event of workplace injuries or illnesses (Government, 2020). For example, without Workers Compensation employees would not have coverage of medical services from job related injuries or illness. Employees have the option to receive health coverage, however if an employee opted out of health coverage from their employer and got injured on the job they would have a financial burden of medical bills and may potentially not be able to receive proper healthcare treatment. One additional benefit that should be made into a legally required benefit is retirement benefits for working Americans, this benefit should be federally implemented to ensure Americans prepare for their future once they get to an age where they either become disabled or aged and require to stop working. Some working class Americans opt or are unaware of the longevity benefit of saving and retirement, these funds will contribute to financial success over the years.