Logan Paul

Recently, a VLOG-maker named Logan Paul went to Japan and he visited a forest where many people have committed suicide (kill themself). He found a dead body there, and this person most likely committed suicide. Paul made jokes about the dead body and showed it on his VLOG stream. He got in trouble for this and lost his YouTube money. Do you agree that he should get in trouble? Why did he do wrong? Explain your reasons and back up your points.

4. There was a time when YouTube did not exist. You might be too young to remember what society was like at that time. How do you think that culture was different? How did people listen to music? How did people find out about new movies or trends? How would a person’s everyday life be a little bit different without YouTube?

5. Do you want to be a celebrity on YouTube or Instagram? Would you want to be famous for making photos or VLOGs? Why or why not?