Love and sex

In chapter 7, Crooks and Baur (2017) describe the relationship between love and sex in a range of situations from hookups, friends with benefits (FWB), and lasting love relationships.

  • In terms of love and sex, what are the costs and benefits of each of the three aforementioned arrangements?

According to Crooks and Baur (2017):

  • What are some of the reasons why jealousy can impact and potentially damage a loving relationship?

In your opinion,

  • Why would the issue of how technology could affect a relationship be a worthy topic of conversation even for a loving couple in a committed relationship?
    • What kind of boundaries would a loving couple want to set about the use of technology in their relationship, and why should they address questions such as is talking to another person online cheating? Or should one person be able to view the contents of the other’s phone?
  • Do you think that the use of technology (such as cell phones) impacts whether or not a partner in a loving relationship may feel jealous? Explain some reasons why or why not.

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