Manuscript published

I’m working on a health & medical writing question and need a sample draft to help me study.


  1. Specific Review Requirements
    • A peer-reviewed manuscript published within the last three years (2016) (using ebscohost, pubmed, or google scholar will be appropriate)
    • The manuscript review should include the following points
      • Model used, including
        • Technique
        • Parameters of disease progression
        • Type of experimental model used, equivalency to human disease -or- clinical set-up and strategy employed
        • Overview and interpretation of results
      • Caveats to the study/findings – both by you and the authors
      • Ideas to apply findings for potential therapeutic targeting
  2. General Review Requirements
    • Essay form.
    • Minimum of 500 words (approximately 1.5-2 double spaced page).
    • Proper grammar and composition (required and graded).
    • Uploaded as a pdf, docx, or doc file (you must convert google docs first).
    • Submitted by the due date (late submissions not accepted).
    • Submit a PDF copy of the paper, so that I can be more sure you were able to read the entire paper, and not just the abstract (which will not help in completing the review).


Missouri Baptist University Study of Huntingtons Disease Essay