McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Week 5 Discussion

Book: Molloy, M. (2020). Experiencing the World’s Religions (8th Edition). McGraw-Hill Higher Education (US).

Muhammad is known in Islam as “The Seal of the Prophets.”

· Why is this phrase of great consequence for Muslims?

· What does calling Muhammad “The Seal of the Prophets” mean for Islamic theology, ethics, worship?

Choose either Judaism OR Christianity and select a prophet from your chosen religion.

· What does the prophetic office mean for the religion you have chosen?

· How does your choice exercise the office of prophet within either Judaism or Christianity?

· Finally, whom do you regard as being a “prophet” in today’s world?     Name this person.

· Is the role of “prophet” still important in today’s world?  Or has “the time of the prophet” passed, never to return?