Mexican Americans

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1. Read the Voices of Freedom in Give Me Liberty! pages 690 and 691: From League of United American Citizens, “World War II and Mexican Americans” (1945) and From Charles H. Wesley, “The Negro Has Always Wanted the Four Freedoms,” in What the Negro Wants (1944). Answer the 3 questions at the bottom of page 691.

a. What evidence does the editorial offer that Latinos are deserving of equality?

b. Why does Wesley believe that black Americans are denied the Four Freedoms?

c. What differences and what commonalities exist between these two claims for greater rights in American society?

2.  Read Who is American? From Justice Robert A. Jackson, dissent in Korematsu v. United States (1944). answer the 2 questions at the bottom of page 694.  Be sure to read about the Japanese-American Internment and Korematsu v. United States on pages 692 and 693 in the Give Me Liberty! text. Click the following link to read about the court case Korematsu v. United States. (Links to an external site.)

a. Why does Justice Jackson believe that even though military authorities have the power to violate constitutional protections in time of war, the courts should not approve their actions?

b. What does he mean by likening the Court’s decision to “a loaded weapon”?