We are all concerned about where our water comes from, and have concerns over the quality of water we drink. As a result, many of us consume bottled water as a way of feeling better about our water. This website contains a video (you can download it or just watch it on the page that opens) that discusses this issue. Trust me – it will be an eye opener!!

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So I am sure you have all been hearing or reading about the issue of lead in the city water system of Flint, Michigan. Here’s the BIG issue – that problem is not limited to just Flint, Michigan. It is EVERYWHERE. Everywhere there are city water systems that are over 60 years old, there is contamination from lead, among other elements. Read this article, from the New York Times, Feb. 8, 2016, about just how large that issue is. Read about it, think about it, then comment.


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