Mother’s power

write an essay of four-five pages, double-spaced, on your topic, making sure to state your opinion (or thesis) and support it with good solid evidence from the texts in question. USE SPECIFIC DETAILS AND QUOTES as you go along. You should use MLA format, and upload your essays in a Microsoft Word or pdf file. DO NOT DO ANY RESEARCH other than what we have covered in the readings.

Essay topic: No one can underestimate a mother’s power. She may offer love, support, and life lessons or, as is often the case in literature, criticism, rejection, indifference, and life-altering treatment.  In our readings this semester, we have encountered a number of mothers who purposefully or inadvertently affect the lives of their children. For good or bad, how are mothers portrayed in these texts? For this essay, you will need to develop a thesis that will give your essay focus and present an opinion on the complex role of mothers in literary works. Then, write an analysis of how mothers are portrayed in three of the following stories: “The Mother,” “Girl,” “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” “I Stand Here Ironing,” and “Puppy.”