National Coalition for the Homeless

  • The National Coalition for the Homeless provides an excellent website at Describe the purpose of this Coalition and how it functions to serve the homeless population in America. National Coalition for the Homeless
  • Go to… to discover how race and ethnicity have been portrayed in movies and video. After visiting this site, write a summary of how three racial/ethnic groups have often been portrayed according to the information provided in this website.
    Race and Ethnicity and Movies
  • Female genital mutilation continues in regions of the world. Several governments have begun movements to stop this practice. One web site contains information about this continuing practice. Read through the information and summarize what you have learned about female genital mutilation in the world. Unicef.
  • Marriage ceremonies are unique to world cultural groups. Located at you will find the history of the Japanese wedding. After reading the information, describe the important cultural aspects of a Japanese wedding. Be sure to include the relevancy of specific customs.
  • Examine your own prejudices. Have you ever prejudged someone who was of a racial, ethnic, religious, or national group different from your own. What were your judgments and feelings? Do you have any knowledge of the origin of such prejudices?
  • Think about television programs or movies in which women are portrayed realistically. Describe why you think these particular programs or movies depict women realistically.
  • Write about your experiences as a member of a blended family. Your perspective may be that of a parent or a child. How effectively did you deal with each situation? What were the most difficult things to resolve? What lessons have you learned from being in a blended family?