Nurse and other community members


  1. Presentation (10 points)
    1. Colorful, clear and concise, free from errors
    2. Completely computer generated (with appropriate resources cited)
    3. Diagrams and other pertinent information that describes the health education you are promoting
  2. Description of the community (15 points)
  3. Community resources (10 points)
    • Identified and analyzed
    • How will the resources support the intervention of your nursing diagnosis?
  4. Priority diagnosis, the goal for change, and rationale (15 points)
  5. A realistic solution to your nursing diagnosis in a teaching manner (evidenced-based practice) (20 points)
  6. Describe the health education you will promote which follows from your nursing diagnosis (20 points)
  7. Describe the role of the nurse and other community members in the interventions (10 points)