Organization’s ethics committee

You are a member of your organization’s ethics committee. As a nurse preceptor and member of the ethics committee, you have been asked to do a presentation at the upcoming orientation to educate new nursing hires on ethical dilemmas they may encounter in nursing practice. The nurse manager wants to ensure that new hires understand essential considerations when facing conflicts over what is best for patient care. Therefore, the nurse manager has requested that you review issues, impacts, and nursing strategies related to ethical dilemmas in nursing practice. You are excited to share your enthusiasm and passion for the importance of ethics in client care.

Select an ethical dilemma you have experienced in nursing or recent news to use as the basis for your presentation.

Create a PowerPoint® presentation with referenced in-text citation that includes the following:

  • The ethical dilemma encountered by a nurse.
  • The ethical issues related to the dilemma. Support with credible referencing.
  • The impact on nursing and patient care. Support with credible referencing.
  • Strategies that support person and family centered care. Support with credible referencing.