Organization’s instructional systems

Read Instructional Models: Doing the Right Things Right” from McREL.

Write a paper in which you evaluate the implications to quality and capacity of instruction staff in your educational setting for 3 to 5 critical areas. Address the following in your paper:

  • Identify 3 to 5 critical areas within your organization’s instructional systems.
  • Begin by re-examining your assessment findings from the Wk 2 – Signature Assignment: Assessing Instructional Systems.
  • Next, consider the opportunities you discovered from a leadership and systems perspective.
  • Finally, refine/narrow your findings down to 3 to 5 critical areas (e.g., priorities for strengthening instructional systems).
  • Evaluate the implications to quality and capacity of instructional staff for each critical area.
  • Locate at least 1 peer reviewed article (published within the last 5 years) for each critical area that substantiates the associated implications to quality and capacity. Include the following for each article:
  • An APA formatted citation
  • A summary that explains how the research substantiates the implications you identified

Your assignment should not exceed 3 double-spaced pages and must reflect proper APA formatting for all citations. A title page is not required.

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