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Write in essay format, this is an essay.

Don’t need to write introduction or conclusion part. Only answer the question directly and write in an essay format.



Please write a coherent, unified paper of at least 4 pages (word count at least 1400) on one of the following questions. You must document your paper with evidence from the texts.

Papers must have numbered pages, be double-spaced, and have margins of one inch.

1. Throughout his life, Marx sought to understand and to formulate the causes of major social change, with the goal of shaping action in the “direction” of history. What are these larger causes, in Marx’s view? Do the same causes lie behind all major advances? Is there a pattern to historical and revolutionary change and to the relation and role of social classes? In what way does Marx think a revolution led by the working class would be different from previous revolutions? How would such a revolution affect the possibility of human emancipation?

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