Payroll-related remittances

Due to the number of payroll-related remittances required every month, you are preparing a memo for the Accounts Payable Supervisor, Tina Kent, detailing: • the agencies the organization remits to • what deductions, contributions and premiums are being remitted to each agency • when the due dates are • any possible fines or penalties for late payments You have prepared the following notes to assist you with the memo. • Your average monthly federal remittance for 2011 was over $50,000.00 • Your average monthly Québec remittance for 2011 was over $50,000.00 • The organization’s total annual Manitoba remuneration is $2,750,000.00 • The organization’s total annual Newfoundland and Labrador remuneration is $1,375,000.00 • The organization’s estimated total annual Nunavut remuneration is $650,000.00 • The organization’s total annual Ontario remuneration is $3,500,000.00 • The organization has a group insurance plan through Great Eastern Insurance Company and uses a billed system Based on your notes, prepare a memo providing Tina with the details of the payroll- related remittance requirements. Your response must be in proper memo format.