This is a small assignment you just have to find answers from the slides that I have attached. 

I have also attached the assignment question paper from where you can look for the questions.

I have provided you with 2 videos which can also help in answering these questions 

Please find below Assignment 2 (due Jan 31 by 2:00 PM). This assignment is based on reading materials assigned for weeks 3 and 4.

Once you have finished answering the questions, rename the file following this convention:

Assignment 2 [your name] [your ID].

For example, if your name was Tyler Miller and ID was 3055648, you would name the file as:

Assignment 2 Tyler Miller 3055648

If you fail to follow this convention (which helps me keep track of all the submissions), a 2% PENALTY will be applied. Upload the completed assignment to Assignment 2 (go to Assignments under Assessments and click on “Assignment 2” to open the file upload dialogue).

Please upload files in MS Word compatible formats only (*.docx, *.rtf). DO NOT submit in any other format. DO NOT send scanned images or insert them into the document. Also, if you miss the deadline, a 10% of the total points per day penalty will be applied.  ——-week 3 video ———-WEEK 4 VIDEOS