Percent Complete and Accurate

Create a Value Stream Map

For the Assignment, select a value stream in your organization that can benefit from analysis and improvement. As noted previously, the value stream (or end-to-end process) selected does not need to be overly large or complex. Select something which has the potential for meaningful improvement, but which is manageable within the scope of this assignment.

1)   Develop a current state Value Stream Map of your selected value stream. Show the customer demand rate (or Takt), information flow, work flow, and summary timeline on the map.

2)   Document key metrics for each process block:

Process time (PT)

Lead time (LT)

Percent Complete and Accurate (%C&A)

3) Calculate the current state summary metrics:

Total lead time (Total LT)

Total process time (Total PT)

Activity Ratio (AR)

Rolled Percent Complete and Accurate (Rolled %C&A)

4) Describe the current state of the value stream and highlight any performance deficiencies and challenges, such as delays, excessive WIP, bottlenecks, capacity and workload imbalances, rework, poor quality yields, long lead times, and other operational issues.