Personal Health course

This week – unit 5 – you will write a comprehensive APA analysis paper using ALL the knowledge you have gained in the Personal Health course.  Use what you have learned from the READ and ATTEND sections throughout the course (including Unit 5) and at least three scholarly sources to address the items listed below.  If you need support on how to formulate your APA analysis paper, you may refer to your APA template under the Resource tab or contact the CPS Librarians.  Please refer to your grading rubric for guidance on the word count and other important details.  Upon completion you will click on the Dropbox tab to submit your paper for grading.

Be sure to support your work with at least three scholarly sources.  Please make sure to also use at least three in-text citations and do not self-plagiarize from the previous weeks.

  • List specific ways that you can reduce your personal risk for cardiovascular disease.
  • Describe how physical activity directly correlates to a decreased heart disease risk and how much exercise is needed for this.
  • Describe how flexibility and proper posture relates to reduced risk for musculoskeletal injuries, specifically those of the back and neck.
  • Complete Lab 19 discuss your results. Describe some of the negative health consequences of secondhand smoke exposure as well as the economic consequences of tobacco use.
  • Lastly, prepare a plan for changing a lifestyle behavior for yourself and include detailed statements on how you will implement the change by incorporating the following steps:  (Use Chapter 25 in your book for a reference)
    1. Clarify Reasons
    2. Identify Needs
    3. Set Goals
    4. Select Activities
    5. Plan for Taking Action
    6. Plan for Evaluation