Physician shortages

Part A. 300 words each with 1 reference each, 600 words total

1.  Supply and demand encompass the health care workforce, just as they do any other service providers. Describe the role that public policy plays when discussing physician shortages.

2.  Nursing shortages are a source of feared for many health care administrators. Describe what the nursing workforce is like where you live. (Your state board of nursing website is a good place to gain information.) Next, discuss what aspects are leading to an overall nursing shortage, and what steps are being done to counteract this shortage.

Part B.  1,000 words, separate doc

The purpose of this assignment is to describe the importance of evaluations in health economics.

Describe the importance of evaluations in health economics.

  1. Compare and contrast the four types of economic analysis as they relate to health economics.
  2. Discuss how economic evaluations and health policy are related. Provide recent examples.
  3. Discuss the role of technology in economic evaluations.

Include an introduction and conclusion and incorporate at least three peer-reviewed scholarly resources.