Plain language

Part 1

Figure 6.3 on page 191 shows inventory costs versus order quantity with emphasis on the total cost, ordering cost, and the carrying cost. Discuss the significance of the shape of each curve and how it can be described in “plain language.” The curves also provide a graphical representation of the optimal order quantity. Discuss the significance of this point and why it coincides with the point of minimum total cost.

The three attachments are Figure 6.3. Post must be between 150-250 words.


Part 2

What do we mean by stress? What are the general causes of workplace stress according to the demand-control model and the effort-reward imbalance model? Explain each model and compare and contrast.

Include references such as your textbook, journals, trade articles, etc., to support your response. Properly cite any references using APA format. 150-300 words please.

I would prefer that websites that are used are based in the United States. And also, websites only. As well as in-text citations. Please. It will be checked before posting to make sure it is done correctly.