Potential hazards

Based on readings, analyze potential hazards in your workplace/industry, or a workplace/industry in which you are familiar, and discuss how these hazards are or should be mitigated through engineering and/or administrative controls.  Consider the following:

  • Who is exposed to the hazards?
  • Are related training programs effective?
  • Are appropriate controls in place and used effectively?
  • Are engineering controls in place or could they be in place, or are administrative controls too relied upon for worker safety?
  • Are controls reactive or proactive?
  • What recommendations would you make to optimize worker safety?
  • What resources are provided by industry and/or government?

Create a thread in response to the provided prompt in the Discussion. Each thread must demonstrate course-related knowledge. The thread must contain at least 500 words. For each thread, the student must support his/her assertions with at least two scholarly citations in APA format. Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years. Acceptable sources include the most current sources you can find which likely means the Internet. Make sure to cite all facts in text.

Read Mostia: Chapter 6

Here is rink for the chapter.