Problem Definition

You are required to provide detailed answers for the assigned case questions. For the purposes of case studies (where the facts are given to us) we will not conduct a formal situation analysis, but this is a critical first step since marketers must know their market!

Your task is to provide an approximate 2-page, single-spaced PACADI critique (there is a 3 page maximum, excluding appendices; a single page will not get it done). Use each part of the PACADI as a header/section for your paper (i.e. Section 1 will be Problem Definition).

Also note that any figures or tables shown in an appendix of your paper should be original material or analysis not an exhibit extracted from the case.

In completing any case analysis, DO NOT conduct any outside research on the company, its history, or its progress since the case was written. Only use the information presented in the case.

Due date and Submission Instructions

Submit paper as a Word file via uploading it using the assignment function in Bb by the assignment due date posted in the syllabus. Also, don’t forget to include HCBE Cover Page (see syllabus if you need one).

This approach normally begins with a Situation Analysis (including SWOT), and initial market research. However, given the abbreviated strategic analysis, we will skip this step*
Problem definition – major challenge or key opportunity
Alternatives – identification and discussion (generally 3-5 alternatives)
Criteria – list of key factors, rationale, and weights that are used in the analysis, and impact how the decision is made
Analysis – how you made/will make your decision (brief analysis)
Decision – your proposed solution to the problem
Implementation plan – recommendations, expected competitive reaction, budget (if needed), actions, timetable, other useful metrics

Attached is the break down of what is required for each section of the PACADI Approach and the article that needs to be used for the case study. I will also provide an example the professor provided for what he is looking for.