Provoke conversation

This is an essay!!!

Read and Write : Chapter. 34: Jenkins (see attached file)


Need a two-page (TWO FULL PAGES, double-spaced, word count at least 650) reading response that:

A) summarizes the main points and arguments from your chosen reading;

B) outlines your thoughts on how this reading fits with other readings or discussions we have had; and,

C) poses at least two questions that might be brought up in the larger class discussion. These should be open-ended questions (i.e. not yes/no questions) that could provoke conversation about the reading.

Responses will be graded on a standard A-F scale based on completion, level of detail, and general writing/grammar expectations. Because many of the readings are difficult, I do not expect you to grasp them fully based on your first read. It’s completely OK to submit a response paper for a reading you’re unsure about, as long as you show what YOU think the author is saying. Grappling with ideas on your own will build a foundation for understanding; discussing the article or chapter in class will then expand this.