Public audience

Essay. Complete your minimum 3ish page (800 words) reflection on a separate sheet of paper. Make sure you address all of the questions asked. Grammar and spelling are considered so please check these with the Spelling and Grammar tools available in your word processing software (Word, Google Docs, etc.) before submission. [80 points total]

Access the AAAS Science in the Classroom popular papers here:

Pick one paper that is of interest to you. These papers are from Science and are annotated.

Write a 3ish page (800 words) reflection using these questions as prompts:

If you were to describe and summarize this paper to a friend, how would you describe/summarize it?

What are your first insights upon looking at this paper? Have you read scientific papers like this before?

What is the most important information in what you read? What was missing that you wish had been addressed?

How important is it to learn how to communicate science effectively to a broader public audience?

Look at the Learning Lens box on the left side of the paper. Systematically check each colored box and then check the article to see where the article has been highlighted with the same color of the box. Continue checking the colored boxes until all have been checked.

What did you notice about the highlights as you checked each box? Do you agree that the annotator accurately highlighted the Results and Conclusions, for instance?

What did you notice about the article when all of the boxes were checked (and the article was highlighted in multiple colors)? Comment on how much of the total article seemed highlighted vs. how much wasn’t highlighted.

Citations are welcome, but not required. Whatever citation format you want to use is acceptable as long as it’s a standard format…