Public purpose

A. Lectures:

1. Using only the lectures, 

briefly compare and contrast the characteristics of the corporate charter system and the modern corporation. In your answer focus on one feature of the charter system (other than “serving a public purpose”) that could be used to ensure modern businesses acted in greater accordance to the interests of the larger society than may be the case today.

link for the lecture video (use from week 1 to week 3):

Make sure check all lecture videos from week 1 to week 3, use only lecture videos for this question 

1.B. Readings:

2. Use the central arguments put forward by Eyrich, Smith, and Tylor to formulate a critical assessment of Friedman’s thesis that the only social responsibility of business is to make more profits.Use the embedded lecture video “Born Good” to fortify further your analysis. (The video should be used only as an example. It should not occupy more than two or three sentences in your essay)

reading 1: Tylor:…

reading 2: Smith:…

reading 3: Eyrich:…

reading 4: Friedman(see attached file)

Born Good video:


Explanation & Answer length: 1000 words