Purpose of Assignment:

I’m working on a english presentation and need a reference to help me study.

I need help writing a 1200 word persuasive essay that I need to present to the class in a speech. It needs transitions, a counter argument, visual aid (image), statistics, a clincher at the end, and at least 4 sources I can cite during the presentation. I wrote a draft outline with the three main points, but it can be changed if there are better topics.

Purpose of Assignment:

In this final speech, you will apply all of the concepts you have learned so far in this course. Using your peers’ feedback, you will construct a sound and effectively communicated persuasive argument. Your goal is to influence this audience to effect change in their lives and in their communities. Your thesis should be stated as a question of policy, question of value or question of fact on an issue of social significance. In addition, you must call for a direct and specific course of action from your audience. Your speech is to be based on sound reasoning and evidence and must include motivational appeals; to be effective in your attempts to persuade, you must establish yourself as a credible speaker.

  • Your topic should be socially significant, timely and one that you find very interesting.
  • The speech should be six (6) to eight (8) minutes in length.
  • The introduction and conclusion should be fully developed—that is, they should include the clearly identifiable parts as outlined in your textbook and in the grading rubric.
  • Be prepared to answer questions from the audience after the conclusion of your speech.
  • Your style (language choice) should be clear, appropriate, vivid, and varied.
  • Your delivery skills should be the best so far— extemporaneous, conversational, energetic, and non-distracting. Also, use visual aids effectively.

Speech Organization:

  • The speech should be well organized using a specific organizational pattern (i.e., problem-solution, chronological, topical, Monroe’s Motivated Sequence patterns, etc.).
  • There should be a definite, logical transition bridging each component of the speech.
  • Each main point should be clearly stated and developed.
  • Adhere to the principles of clear explanation. Use transitions and audience centered language.

Speech Development:

  • Use at least one appeal to audience needs and one appeal to audience values.
  • Provide at least four (4) oral citations in your speech. These sources should be different from your Informative speech.