Purpose of the Assignment

Purpose of the Assignment:

To demonstrate an understanding of basic concepts regarding Interpersonal communication through the use of mediated channels.

Topic of the Assignment:

Chapters 2 and Ready Player One.

Length of the Assignment:

5-7 pages, APA style.

Description of the Assignment:

After viewing Ready Player One, you will select a minimum of three concepts from Chapter 2 in the book and write a paper examining how the those concepts are presented in the film. With each concept, you should Identify the concept, Define the concept, Describe the concept, and then give Examples of the concept in the film.

Do not write a popular review, as it doesn’t matter if you like the film or not. You are not looking at the film with a critic’s eye, you are looking at the film through the lens of a communication researcher. While popular reviews are an important task of writing, it is not the purpose of this assignment. You will be making interpretive claims and applying the film to those interpretations of those concepts.