(Column proposal 1) You are moving in the right direction here. There are some revisions that still need to be made: 1. The last part of this response (from “Perspectives is the point of view…” onward” is taken directly from an outside source. Please paraphrase this information and cite the sources accordingly. 2. You provide an interesting background on Quantigration, but still need to target HOW Quantigration’s point of view could influence the way future historians interpret the blog posts. For example, might the company’s specialty, geographic location, etc. effect the topics that the company writes about? 3. To meet this criterion, you need to explain how Quantigration’s perspective—the company’s point of view—might influence the blogs and how future historians might interpret them. You need to think about and explain how our understanding of historical developments depends on our perspective. We all look at history from our own point of view based on who we are, what we do and believe, etc. Employees of the company writing the blogs have a specific perspective based on knowledge and insights, biases and issues of interest that relate to their work, right? That perspective will influence what they focus on, choose to write about and how they understand the information. With this in mind, here are some questions to consider in reconfiguring your response: Please consider these questions to expand and target your response: • What makes the company’s point of view regarding the historical development of manufacturing valuable? • Why is Quantigration’s perspective a more useful source of information than other sources might be? • If it were 2051 and you were an historian researching the history of the manufacturing industry, why would you be interested in reading this series of blogs? • What makes the company’s point of view valuable? • What could the blogs shed light on for historians? See these project resources for information: • Historiography: An Introductory Guide, Introduction and Chapter 6 • The Weight of Words • Lies and American History

You are off to a great start describing the research process. Please describe in a bit more detail how a historical researcher should develop a research question and gather primary and secondary resources to inform research questions. What steps should be taken to develop a research question and identify sources? The following project resources should be helpful for this step: The SAGE Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods, Selected Section (see especially Stages in Historical Research Design)

I attached both files but just column proposal need this information included thank you!!