Reading Literature and Writing Argument

Review the Strategy Questions for Organizing Your Argument Essay in “Creating an Informal Outline” section of Chapter 4, and then write a 1000-word argument for a claim of value connecting individual identity and family heritage. To help you develop your claim of value think through questions such as these:

  • How are people’s identities shaped by their surrounding familial and cultural traditions?
  • How uniform and valued/cherished is your family history?

In order to support your claim of value, you’ll need to include a variety of sources and perspectives.  Incorporate the following into your paper:

  • your first-hand experiences
  • evidence gathered from stories in this module
  • researched scholarly insight into family and self-identity
  • our Core Values of Excellence and/or Integrity

Reading Literature and Writing Argument

Read the sections from the assigned chapter(s) listed below. Unless otherwise noted, you should read all sub-sections.

Please, utilize the Library resources or the Internet search to read the following:

Earnest Hemingway, “Hills Like White Elephants”

Alice Walker, “Everyday Use”

Nikki Giovanni, “Mothers”

Seamus Heaney, “Mid-term Break”

Peter Meineke, “Advice to My Son”

Adrienne Rich, “Delta”
Cambodian is my ethnicity and Buddhism is my religion. Add that to the paper


Explanation & Answer length: 1000 words