Regarding economic


In 5 double-spaced pages write up your assignment using the following headers to organize the three sections below:

Section 1 – Describe in roughly 1-2 pages who you talked to (no names), and summarize what each person said.

Section 2 – In approximately 2-3 pages use the course material from weeks 1-6 to analyze each interview. Refer to specific points from lecture or the readings to discuss any connections between what you heard and the course. For example, do the interviewees refer to ideas associated with the concept of merit, the “achievement ideology,” ideas about intelligence, capability or motivation, someone’s cultural values or family background, someone’s class background, or the impact of school on opportunities in life? Do the interviews contradict or critique any of the concepts that we discussed during weeks 1-6?

Section 3 – In a page or less discuss YOUR perspective on the above questions regarding economic/academic success and education. To stick to the page limit, summarize your overall perspective; you do not need to answer each question separately.