Relevance and Significance 

Research Topic:  Credit card fraud detection


APA Format , 14 – 20 pages

SubTopics to be covered:

Introduction (3 – 4 pages)

Problem Statement and Purpose of Research

Relevance and Significance

Research Questions

Barriers and Issues

Review of the Literature (6-8 pages) — 5 peer-reviewed literature sources do not create below subheadings. This for reference as to understand what all topics have to be covered under review of literature

Description of the research including who the target population was (if available)

Research Method used to conduct the research (describe what the researcher(s) did to gather data for the research) Was survey distributed? How many questions? How many participants?

Was it a focus group? Was it a case study? Be explicit

Findings: Indicate the findings as reported in the article

Conclusion: What was the conclusion of the research

Research Methodology (3 – 4 pages)

Findings, Analysis, and Summary of Results (2 – 4 pages)

Conclusions (2 – 4 pages)


NOTE: I am attaching a copy of detailed description on how to write the research report along with a sample example in the last 2 pages.

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