Results and analysis

I am asking to finish the following chapters

Chapter 4 Results and analysis – 3500 words (I have done some of this part but I think it still not good enough. You need to write a new one for me. The table such as mean, median etc. you have to keep it but only written part. And you have to add the other table such as regression, Anova, etc to make the analysis part perfect.)

Provide a detailed summary of findings with supporting evidence in an appropriate presentation (graphs, quotations… etc.). Compare and contrasts the results to the theories or findings discussed in the Literature Review adding any necessary explanations. A clear discussion of implications of the findings is given in this section.

Chapter 5 conclusions and recommendations – 1500 words

Present a succinct and critical synopsis of the key findings and implications of the research. Give recommendations for further research stemming from your discussion of the research you carried out and your findings.


I didn’t set a minimum references for you but you have to cite where appropriate and add the references under the references page.