Selection processes for all Center job titles

Student, congratulations on your new position as the Assistant Director for HR at the West Central Florida Medical Center, a small medical and surgical hospital in Nohweare, Florida! Situated in the small town of Nohweare, with about 20,000 residents, WCFMC is a private, not for profit hospital with a walk-in medical clinic, outpatient surgery center, and many specialists (no ER services are offered).

Your responsibilities will be focused on both medical and support personnel, meaning doctors, nurses, CNAs, volunteers, as well as billing coordinators, customer service reps, and facilities workers such as janitorial and food service workers.

Your primary responsibilities:

? Creating Recruiting and Selection processes for all Center job titles

? Determining Compensation Plans for all Center job titles

? Planning, Implementing and Evaluating training programs for all Center job titles

? Creating Performance Evaluations for all Center job titles

? Direct involvement with Center Legal Counsel related to Employee Relations and Risk

Management issues for all Center job titles

You report to both the Director of Hospital Administration (primary), and also the Director of Surgery & Medicine (when your work involves a medical professional) both of whom report directly to the Center Board of Directors and the CEO of the parent company, the Totenvolks Hospitals Alliance.

You should create a presentation to address the following problems as you would present to your supervisors.

Contact your instructor to confirm how many simulations are due for this course. You should expect your presentation(s) to take about 10 minutes each, and you must do your best to address all the issues in the situation(s) in the time allotted. The choice of visual aid is up to you and the discretion of your professor. You will be graded on:

? Addressing all the issues in the simulation: did you propose a reasonable solution for the problem(s)?

? Critical thinking: did you approach the issues from a Strategic HR perspective?

? Presentation Quality: did you create and deliver a professional presentation?