Social stratification and law

You will need to write about 800 words responding to the following prompt.

In lectures 3 and 4 we explored the relationship between social stratification and law. For your second prompt for this class, you will first need to define social stratification and the particular axis of social stratification (race, gender, class, disability, sexuality) you will be relating to a specific law or court case. Using your example (i.e., a historical or contemporary law or case) to show how this particular group or identity is treated by the law (for instance, how does the law construct differences between people and/or how has law been influenced by pre-existing social inequalities). In your conclusion, explain whether you think law needs to be changed to deal more thoroughly with social inequality. If you think the law should largely remain as it is, then explain why. If you think that the law needs drastic reform to deal with social stratification, please explain in what ways you think it should change (suggestions are fine or you can refer to any of the course readings; for instance, week 8’s readings).

Be sure to cite at least two of the class readings(see attached file) in your response to this prompt. You will also need to cite two external sources that you find on your own. Feel free to also cite any of the lecture slides.

You will need to upload your completed document as a .docx or .doc. Your document should use ASA formatting for in-text citations and works cited page (as well as 12 point, standard font, double spaced). Please review the rubric document before submitting to Canvas.


Explanation & Answer length: 800 Words