Social work practitioner

Completion of this assessment task will enable you to meet Learning Outcomes 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Assignment 4 involves, continuing with the same topic you identified in the two previous assignments. For AT4 consider yourself to be a student or social work practitioner in the planning stages of your research project. Prepare a research proposal, following the headings outlined below.

1. Study background and aims (10%): this section will provide (1) the title of your proposed research; (2) a brief summary of the core findings from your literature review (AT3), noting the gap in knowledge for further research, (3) and justifying your focus on this specific question

2. Study design (10%): outline the level of research design you wish to choose and justify this choice. You will need to consider factors such as prior knowledge of the problem, feasibility, and the study aims