Sociological imagination

Social Inequality, This is a paper, write in paper format.

Read A Sociology Experiment by Shamus Khan, chapter 6, and attached files. 

Paper Assignment:

In this paper, you will be asked to demonstrate your understanding of the course concepts, by using your sociological imagination to examine your individual life in the context of the larger social forces we have been describing in this class.  You will employ both a micro and macro lens to understand some aspect of your own social situation or social location and how the macro structures of inequality based on race/ethnicity and/or gender and/or sexuality have shaped your life chances and opportunities.  We focused mostly on class and class mobility in the first paper, so while the intersection of class may be important in this paper too, and you may talk about it, you must focus more other major axes of inequality for this paper.

You are to write 4-5 pages that reflect either on a specific experience (a single event or interaction that you remember) or a more general experience, such as your education, the expectations and aspirations you have for yourself, your athletic career, where you grew up, your gender identity and presentation, your sexual orientation, etc.  The list of possible topics is endless.  You are seeking to broaden your understanding of your individual experience by using the concepts of this course and locating your experience in a broader social context, in other words you are using your sociological imagination to understand some aspect of your individual life.

You can analyze an experience (general or specific) in which you were in a position of privilege and dominance, or in a position of disadvantage and subordination.  You can also choose an example of how your individual life departs from the norms and expectations of your race, gender (or other) identity.    This assignment does not require that you reflect on the experience of being in a subordinate position.

You MUST use specific concepts from the class lectures and readings to describe and analyze your experience in a larger social context.  A paper receiving an A grade must examine your individual biography through the lens of intersectional analysis.  You MAY cite materials from class; you may NOT cite materials from any other source.  No exceptions.

In sum, use your sociological imagination to examine your personal experience or life through the analytic lens of race/ethnicity, gender, and/or other systems of inequality.

  • Describe the experience you are analyzing. Describe how your gender, sexuality, and/or racial identities and social locations are important to understanding your position in this story, or how those locations shaped your experience and opportunities/disadvantages.
  • Use at least five specific concepts that we have been talking about in this class to analyze your experience. I suggest that you use the review sheets before writing the paper and that you plan in advance which concepts you will use to conduct your analysis.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the materials and concepts you chose to analyze your individual experience. You may choose to explain what sociologists mean by a particular concept and then apply it to your own experience.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the relationship between your individual life and the larger social world in which you are embedded and thus show your understanding of the sociological imagination.


Explanation & Answer length: 4 pages