Standard control processes

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This is the prompt

Your company has seen important internal projects go off course during execution. After-the-fact analysis has revealed that the common factors are inadequate budget controls and inconsistencies in budget estimation. Senior management now believes that developing and integrating a set of standard control processes for both planning and execution will raise success rates.

As far as this topic is Concerned you are going to focus on ‘ Parametrict Elimating’

Using the online library, Internet, and all course materials, research your topic on the techniques used for project cost estimation, budget planning, and establishing cost baselines.

Deliverable 1 : -1 page

Write a 1-page summary on your topic (mentioned above) in a manner you can discuss with a group.

Deliverable 2: – 4 pages

The ‘Parametric Estimating entails compiling a work breakdown structure (WBS). Work with your small group to complete the following:

  • Compile a step-by-step method for creating the work breakdown structure (WBS).
  • Provide the detailed scope definition, project schedule, and project budget.
  • Give special attention to the time management processes.
  • Use a hypothetical project to illustrate your group’s understanding of the WBS.

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