Module 2 – Case


Case Assignment

After reading and viewing the background materials, (especially the York chapter), address the following questions in 10-12 PowerPoint slides (not counting the cover slide and reference list slide). Be brief in words on the slides and insert everything you would say in the Comments/Notes section under the slides. [Plan the presentation for an audience of adults working on an HRM undergraduate degree.]

Bring in at least two valid and reliable outside readings found in peer-reviewed journal articles to strengthen each question. Cite the sources used at the end of your slide presentation.

  1. When should an organization recruit globally?
  2. When an organization recruits globally, should it post job openings in the home country language only, or in multiple languages simultaneously?
  3. What are the advantages and challenges of traditional expatriate assignments, where employees are sent to another country to work and live for multiyear assignments?
  4. What American cultural issues should expatriates sent to the U.S. be aware of? What aspects of American culture are distinctively American?

Assignment Expectations

Your paper will be evaluated using the criteria as stated in the Case rubric. The following is a review of the rubric criteria:

  • Assignment Requirements: Does the assignment directly answer each assignment question and follow assignment instructions closely?
  • Critical Thinking: Were alternatives considered, with best answer/solution defended? Are arguments well developed and logical? Are responses easy to follow?
  • Writing and Assignment Organization: Is scholarly vocabulary used? Are paragraphs coherent? Are there little to no errors in spelling or grammar? Is a clear and engaging style used?
  • Use of Sources and Mechanics: Does the student demonstrate mastery formatting in-text citations and references? Are relevant and quality sources used to support compelling ideas? Do they convey understanding of the topic to shape the whole work?
  • Timeliness of Assignment: Was the assignment submitted on or before the due date?

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