Strategic Plan

1.Business goals is a  Strategic Plan.   discuss why that  would be important information to upper levels of management.?

2. planning profits in an annual plan.  In 2-3 pages, summarize the three benefits of an annual plan and further discuss two examples of each type of benefit.

3.Discuss your understanding of’s business and the factors affecting it.

4.The fourth requirement of the case study asks if the level of sales required to break-even is realistic or not.  Discuss what else could be done to help the Company break-even.  Feel free to share any additional analysis that you feel is necessary.  Again, I am new to Canvas, so I am unsure of the best way to share these sorts of things, so I am open to any methods for posting, as long as it is clearly stated where we can find the information.

5.You are in the situation where you have to meet with your boss in the morning.  Discuss what information you would want to have ready for the meeting and why.  Remember, it is your job to present the information necessary for business decisions to be made.

each answer need to be 1.5 page long and references and site