Support system

One potential problem with math courses—particularly online ones—is the hazard of “flying solo” without an adequate support system. For example, many classes are designed to have students work individually through homework problems from the course text, hoping that they adequately understand the concepts. After submitting the assignment, these students often receive minimal feedback from an overtaxed instructor, giving them very little help with areas in which they struggled.

This course averts this problem through the use of the innovative MyStatLab interface. MyStatLab includes interactive tutorial exercises that do not just assess your understanding—they offer help along the way through:

  • Multilevel guidance (from minimal to extensive, as you request)
  • Solutions to example problems that mirror the ones in your assignment
  • Video tutorials
  • Links directly to textbook sections matched to the problems
  • A tool for asking your Instructor for help on specific problems

Here is a typical MyStatLab window for a Homework Assignment: