Survey instrument

Topic:impacts of social media on business communication

Activity 5- CLO 7, CLO 10

Complete the following Section of your Potential Prospectus.

Develop the Nature of your Study:

The nature of the study should include the following:

  • Research method: quantitative, qualitative, or the mixed methods
  • Research design in alignment with your research method
  • Data needed, how you will access the data, and provide indications that the needed data can be accessed.
  • Description of data collection method: direct observation, interviews, survey instrument, experimental design, archival, proprietary information, publicly available data, etc.
  • Description of any data collection instrument(s) that is planned to be used and any pilot study needed (e.g., if you design your own survey).
  • Description of planned data analysis, including statistical tests

Remember, the prospectus and proposal will be written in the future tense.

Please provide, in addition to the textbook, a minimum of two (2) scholarly references and cite them within the text of your activity.

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